Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lessons Learned from some of God's greatest teachers

Everyone that works in or visits The Arc of Katy's Adult Activity Day Camp (at the Katy Family YMCA Camp Cinco) comes away forever changed for the better.
Here are a few of the things that we have learned from these awesome and inspiring "teachers"....(the participants of the Day Camp and/or summer program).

Austin - Include everyone, extend your hand in friendship.
Susan - Look people in the eye, smile and have a good sense of humor.

Kevin - Dare to be funny and laugh at yourself.
Brandon - Care for others and be helpful.

Lindsay - Listen to others. Love shows in our actions.

Mark - Be at peace with those around you.

Jonathan- Be creative and learn new things, listen to the music of life.

Sarah - Overcome setbacks and be willing to start again.

Nathan - Ask for God's help in all things.

Megan - Be compassionate, offer help to those who need it and be a faithful friend.

Jan - Appreciate others and say thank-you. Be willing to try new things.
Becky - Don't be afraid to dance, smile, and always take time to laugh.

Blake - Cooperation gets things done, greet others with a firm and friendly handshake.

Christy - Make others feel welcome, share, and protect your friends from harm.

John - A friendly greeting and a hug are great gifts to give to others.

Benji - Be organized.
Caitlin - Always be willing to make new friends.

We have been blessed,

Amy Campbell, Peggy Hudson, and Cheryl Crozier