Saturday, August 8, 2009

Remember that being is more important than getting.

“If you want peace of mind, remember that being is more important than getting. It is not what you have in life, it’s what you are. It is not the accumulation of things, but the acquisition of character.” ~ Robert H. Schuller

In our rushed society, we sometimes lose our focus and mistakenly equate our personal success as well as the success of others with house size and location, the type of car one drives, or what exotic vacation we’ve been on, and so on. Robert Schuller’s statement above reminds me of several experiences I have had with Arc of Katy “kids” that have changed me forever for the better and have helped me to realize that being is more important than getting.

I think of a few years ago when Austin H. stood at the door of the Katy Social Services building and cheerfully greeted guests that came to congratulate his grandmother for being Katy Senior Citizen of the Year. Austin was so personable! He knew everyone by name, shook their hand or hugged their neck, greeted them with a smile and thanked them for coming to his grandmother’s celebration. I thought then; “I want to be more like him!”

Then there is Lisa S., a former student of mine from years past who has taken the time to call and wish me a happy birthday each year for the past 20 years or so. Each time I receive that cheerful birthday greeting I think; “I want to be more like her!”

Then there is Susan B. who recently performed in the Arc’s Summer Day Camp talent show titled; “Let Us Entertain You”. As Susan danced so elegantly across the stage to beautiful classical music, she showed no sign of fear…only her passion for dancing and music. As tears of joy streamed down my face I thought; “I want to be passionate about what I believe in, I want to be more like her!”
Each time I am around our Arc of Katy “kids”, some of who are over 60 years old, I am filled with gratitude for the things that they have taught me. They have true wealth because they are people of great character. I want to be more like them!

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